House of Württemberg

House of Württemberg


Counts of Württemberg

  • Conrad I of Württemberg, the first ruler of the castle of Wirtemberg 1083-1110, and is first mentioned in 1081. He is considered to be founder of the Württemberg dynasty.
  • Ulrich V (the much loved) (1413– 1480), Count of Württemberg and Count of Mömpelgard.

Conrad I of Württemberg


Ulrich V

Dukes of Württemberg

  • Eberhard I, ( 1445– 1496), Count of Württemberg-Urach from 1459 as Eberhard V. The first Duke of Württemberg from 1495.
  • Eberhard VI/II (1447–1504), Count of Württemberg-Stuttgart from 1480 as Eberhard VI and Duke Eberhard II of Württemberg from 1496.
  • Friedrich I, (1557-1608), Duke of Württemberg from 1568.
  • Frederick Charles (1652–1697),Duke of the new-founded line of Württemberg-Winnental from1677.
  • Eberhard Ludwig, (1676–1733), Duke of Württemberg, from 1692. St.-Hubertus-Jagdorden (Order of St Hubert) established in 1702.
  • Karl Alexander, (1684– 1737), Duke of Württemberg -Winnental from 1698 and also Duke of Württemberg-Stuttgart from 1733.
  • Karl Eugen, ( 1728– 1793), Duke of Württemberg.
  • Ludwig Eugen, ( 1731– 1795), Duke of Württemberg.

Elector of Württemberg

  • Frederick I, (1754-1816), Duke of Württemberg from 1797, Elector of Württemberg from 1803 and King of Württemberg from 1806.


Frederick I (1754-1816),Arms as Elector

Kings of Württemberg

  • Frederick I ( 1754- 1816), Duke of Württemberg from 1797, Elector of Württemberg from 1803 and King of Württemberg from 1806. Order of St Hubert was renamed the "Ritterorden vom Goldenen Adler" (Order of the Golden Eagle) in 1807.
  • William I, (1781- 1864), King of Württemberg from 1816. Order of the Golden Eagle was renewed and restructured by William I as the Order of the Württemberg Crown in 1818. See top of page for arms.


King of Württemberg

Cadet Branches

House of Württemberg-Mömpelgard
1617 to 1723

  • Ludwig Frederick ( 1617- 1631), Duke of Württemberg-Mömpelgard

House of Württemberg-Weiltingen later Württemberg-Oels

  • Julius Frederick (1588-1635), founder of the branch line of Württemberg-Weiltingen.
  • Silvius I. Nimrod ,(1622–1664), Duke of Württemberg-Oels from 1647. Married Elisabeth Marie von Oels daughter and heir of Duke Karl Friedrich von Münsterberg-Oels.
  • Karl Friedrich, (1689/90–1761), Duke of Württemberg-Oels from 1704.

Morganatic Branches

Dukes of Teck

  • Francis, (1837– 1900), Duke of Teck from 1871. Married Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, a granddaughter of in 1866. His daughter, Princess Victoria Mary of Teck married King George V of Great Britain.
  • Prince Adolphus of Teck, (1868-1927), Duke of Teck to 1917 and Marquess of Cambridge from 1917.
  • Prince Alexander of Teck,(1874-1957), Earl of Athlone from 1917.


Dukes of Urach and titular Kings of Lithuania
1857 to present

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Alexander Ferdinand, ( 1810– 1869), Count of Württemberg, 1st Duke of Urach
  • Mindaugas II of Lithuania ( 1864- 1928), elected King of Lithuania in 1918. Prince William of Urach, Count of Württemberg, 2 Duke of Urach



Duke of Urach


King of Lithuania