Early Nassau

House of Nassau

Counts of Laurenburg
(ca. 1093-1159)

  • Dudo-Henry of Laurenburg (1060-1123) Count of Laurenburg in 1093 and is considered the founder of the House of Nassau.

Counts of Nassau


Counts of Nassau

  • Robert I of Nassau (c. 1090 – c. 1154) was from 1123 co-Count of Laurenburg and would later title himself the first Count of Nassau.
  • Walram I of Nassau (1146-1198) the first (legally-titled) Count of Nassau, reigning from 1154.
  • Henry II the Rich (1190-1251) Count of Nassau from 1198 to 1247.

Sons of Henry II:

  • Otto I of Nassau (1247–1290), Count of Nassau, Count of Dillenburg, Hadamar, Siegen, Herborn and Beilstein after 1255.
  • Walram II of Nassau (1220-1276), Count of Nassau, Walram received all of his father's lands south the Lahn River including Wiesbaden, Idstein, Weilburg and after 1255.

In 1255, Henry II's sons, and Otto I, split the Nassau possessions. The descendants of Walram became known as the Walram Line, which became important in the Countship of Nassau and Luxembourg. The descendants of Otto became known as the Ottonian Line which became important in the Netherlands.