House of Dormer

House of Dormer

Dormer of Wyng in the Baronetage of England(1615)

Barons Dormer in the Peerage of England (1615)

Earls of Carnarvon in the Peerage of England , First Creation (1628-1709)


Barons Dormer


Earls of Carnarvon

  • Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon, 3rd Baron Dormer (1632–1709)
  • Rowland Dormer, 4th Baron Dormer (1651–1712), grandson of the second son of the 1st Baron Dormer.
  • Charles Dormer, 5th Baron Dormer(1668–1728)
  • Charles Dormer, 6th Baron Dormer (d. 1761)
  • John Dormer, 7th Baron Dormer (1691–1785)
  • Charles Dormer, 8th Baron Dormer (1725–1804)
  • Charles Dormer, 9th Baron Dormer (1753–1819)
  • John Evelyn Pierrepont Dormer, Baron Dormer (1771–1826)
  • Joseph Thaddeus Dormer, 11th Baron Dormer (1790–1871)
  • John Baptist Joseph Dormer, 12th Baron Dormer (1830–1900)
  • Roland John Dormer, 13th Baron Dormer (1862–1920)
  • Charles Joseph Thaddeus Dormer, 14th Baron Dormer (1864–1922)
  • Charles Walter James Dormer, 15th Baron Dormer (1903–1975)
  • Joseph Spencer Philip Dormer, 16th Baron Dormer (1914–1995)
  • Geoffrey Henry Dormer, 17th Baron Dormer (1919-2016)
  • William Robert Dormer, 18th Baron Dormer (b.1960)

Dormer of Lee Grange in the Baronetage of England (1661-1726)


Dormer of Lee Grange

  • Sir John Dormer, 1st Baronet (c. 1640-1675)
  • Sir William Dormer, 2nd Baronet (1669-1726)