House of Paston

Paston of Oxnead in the Baronetage of England (1641–1732)

Viscounts Yarmouth in the Peerage of England (1673–1732)

Earls of Yarmouth in the Peerage of England (1679–1732)


Paston of Oxnead

  • Sir William Paston, 1st Baronet (c. 1610–1663)


Earls of Yarmouth

  • Robert Paston, 1st Earl of Yarmouth, 1st Viscount Yarmouth and Baron Paston, 2nd Baronet  (1631–1683)
  • William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth (1654–1732)

Bedingfeld, later Paston-Bedingfeld of Oxburgh in the Baronetage of England (1660)


Bedingfeld of Oxburgh

  • Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 1st Baronet (1614–1685)
  • Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 2nd Baronet (1636–1704)
  • Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 3rd Baronet (died 1760)
  • Sir Richard Henry Bedingfeld, 4th Baronet (1720–1795)
  • Sir Richard Bedingfeld, 5th Baronet (1767–1829)


Paston-Bedingfeld of Oxburgh

  • Sir Henry Richard Paston-Bedingfeld, 6th Baronet (1800–1862) married Margaret Paston (1807–1887), only daughter and heiress of Edward Paston, of Appleton, co. Norfolk.
  • Sir Henry George Paston-Bedingfeld, 7th Baronet (1830–1902)
  • Sir Henry Edward Paston-Bedingfeld, 8th Baronet (1860–1941)
  • Sir Edmund George Felix Paston-Bedingfeld, 9th Baronet (1915–2011)
  • Sir Henry Edgar Paston-Bedingfield (born 1943)