House of Paulet/Powlett


Marquesses of Winchester

Baron St John in the Peerage of England (1539)
Earl of Wiltshire in the Peerage of England (1550)
Marquesses of Winchester in the Peerage of England (1551)
Dukes of Bolton in the Peerage of England (1689-1794)

Younger Branch of the House of Poulett:


1st Marquess of Winchester KG

  • William Paulet, 1st Baron St John, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, 1st Marquess of Winchester KG (d. 1572)
  • John Paulet, 2nd Marquess of Winchester (c. 1517–1576)
  • William Paulet, 3rd Marquess of Winchester (c. 1535–1598)
  • William Paulet, 4th Marquess of Winchester (c. 1560–1628)
  • John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester, 5th Baron of St John (c. 1598–1674) summoned to Parliament in 1623 in his father's Barony of St John.


1st Duke of Bolton


2nd and 3rd Dukes of Bolton KG

  • Charles Paulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton, 7th Marquess of Winchester KG (1661–1722)
  • Charles Powlett, 3rd Duke of Bolton, 8th Marquess of Winchester KG (1685–1754)
  • Harry Powlett, 4th Duke of Bolton, 9th Marquess of Winchester (1691–1759)
  • Charles Powlett, 5th Duke of Bolton, 10th Marquess of Winchester (d. 1765)
  • Harry Powlett, 6th Duke of Bolton, 11th Marquess of Winchester(1720–1794) On his death the Dukedom of Bolton became extinct and he was succeeded, by his third cousin once removed, George Paulet.
  • George Paulet, 12th Marquess of Winchester (1722–1800)  great great-grandson of 4th Marquess of Winchester.
  • Charles Ingoldsby Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester (1765–1843)
  • John Paulet, 14th Marquess of Winchester (1801–1887)
  • Augustus John Henry Beaumont Paulet, 15th Marquess of Winchester (1858–1899)
  • Henry William Montague Paulet, 16th Marquess of Winchester (1862–1962)
  • Richard Charles Paulet, 17th Marquess of Winchester (1905–1968)
  • Nigel George Paulet, 18th Marquess of Winchester (b. 1941)

Barons Bolton in the Peerage of Great Britain (1797)


Orde of Nunnykirk, Senior branch of the Ordes


Barons Bolton

  • Thomas Orde, later Orde-Powlett, 1st Baron Bolton (1740–1807) married Jean Mary Browne-Powlett, the natural daughter of Charles Powlett, 5th Duke of Bolton.
  • William Orde-Powlett, 2nd Baron Bolton (1782–1850)
  • William Henry Orde-Powlett, 3rd Baron Bolton(1818–1895)
  • William Thomas Orde-Powlett, 4th Baron Bolton (1845–1922)
  • William George Algar Orde-Powlett, 5th Baron Bolton (1869–1944)
  • Nigel Amyas Orde-Powlett, 6th Baron Bolton (1900–1963)
  • Richard William Algar Orde-Powlett, 7th Baron Bolton (1929–2001)
  • Harry Algar Nigel Orde-Powlett, 8th Baron Bolton (b. 1954)

Orde, later Campbell-Orde of Morpeth in the Baronetage of Great Britain (1790)


Orde of Morpeth

  • Sir John Orde, 1st Baronet (1751–1824) younger brother of Thomas Orde-Powlett, 1st Baron Bolton.
  • Sir John Powlett Orde, 2nd Baronet (1803–1878)


Campbell-Orde of Morpeth

  • Sir John William Powlett Campbell-Orde, 3rd Baronet (1827–1897)
  • Sir Arthur John Campbell-Orde, 4th Baronet (1865–1933)
  • Sir Simon Arthur Campbell-Orde, 5th Baronet (1907–1969)
  • Sir John Alexander Campbell-Orde, 6th Baronet (b. 1943)

Barons Poulett in the Peerage of England (1627-1973)
Earls Poulett in the Peerage of Great Britain (1706-1973)

Elder Branch of the House of Poulett:


Earls Poulett

  • John Poulett, 1st Baron Poulett (1585–1649)
  • John Poulett, 2nd Baron Poulett (1615–1665)
  • John Poulett, 3rd Baron Poulett (1641–1679)


1st Earl Poulett KG

  • John Poulett, 4th Baron Poulett, 1st Earl Poulett and Viscount Hinton KG (1663–1743)
  • John Poulett, 2nd Earl Poulett (1708–1764)
  • Vere Poulett, 3rd Earl Poulett (1710–1788)
  • John Poulett, 4th Earl Poulett KT (1756–1819)
  • John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (1783–1864)
  • William Henry Poulett, 6th Earl Poulett (1827–1899)
  • William John Lydston Poulett, 7th Earl Poulett (1883–1918)
  • George Amias Fitzwarrine Poulett, 8th Earl Poulett (1909–1973)