House of Petre


Barons Petre in the Peerage of England (1603)


Barons Petre

  • John Petre, 1st Baron Petre (1549–1613)
  • William Petre, 2nd Baron Petre (1575–1637)
  • Robert Petre, 3rd Baron Petre (1599–1638)
  • William Petre, 4th Baron Petre (1626–1684)
  • John Petre, 5th Baron Petre (1629–1684)
  • Thomas Petre, 6th Baron Petre (1633–1706)
  • Robert Petre, 7th Baron Petre (1689–1713) Mar 1711/2 Catherine Walmesley (1697-1785) sister and heiress of Francis Walmesley, of Dunkenhalgh, co. Lancaster.
  • Robert James Petre, 8th Baron Petre (1713–1742)


9th Baron Petre


10th Baron Petre onwards

  • Robert Edward Petre, 10th Baron Petre (1763–1809)
  • William Henry Francis Petre, 11th Baron Petre (1793–1850)
  • William Bernard Petre, 12th Baron Petre (1817–1884)
  • William Joseph Petre, 13th Baron Petre (1847–1893) Domestic Chaplain at the Court of the Vatican.
  • Bernard Henry Philip Petre, 14th Baron Petre (1858–1908)
  • Philip Benedict Joseph Petre, 15th Baron Petre (1864–1908)
  • Lionel George Carroll Petre, 16th Baron Petre (1890–1915)
  • Joseph William Lionel Petre, 17th Baron Petre (1914–1989)
  • John Patrick Lionel Petre, 18th Baron Petre (b. 1942)

Barons Furnivall in the Peerage of England (1295, from 1654, abeyant 1777, abeyance terminated 1913, abeyant 1968)


19th Baroness Furnivall

  • Mary Frances Katherine Dent, née Petre, 19th Baroness Furnivall (1900-1968) Great-great-great-granddaughter of the 9th Baron Petre and his first wife Anne Howard, niece of the 9th Duke of Norfolk and 18th Baron Furnivall and only child of 14th Baron Petre.

Petre of Cranham Hall in the Baronetage of England (1642)


Petre of Cranham Hall

  • Sir Francis Petre, 1st Baronet (c. 1605–c. 1660) grandson of 1st Baron Petre.
  • Sir Francis Petre, 2nd Baronet (c. 1630–c. 1679)
  • Sir Edward Petre, 3rd Baronet SJ (c. 1632–1699) Catholic Priest
  • Sir Thomas Petre, 4th Baronet (1640–c. 1715)
  • Sir William Petre, 5th Baronet (1650–1722)