House of Roper

Barons Teynham in the Peerage of England (1616)


Barons Teynham

  • John Roper, 1st Baron Teynham (c. 1534–1618)
  • Christopher Roper, 2nd Baron Teynham (1561–1622)
  • John Roper, 3rd Baron Teynham (c. 1591–1628)
  • Christopher Roper, 4th Baron Teynham (1621–1673)
  • Christopher Roper, 5th Baron Teynham (d. 1689)
  • John Roper, 6th Baron Teynham (d. 1697)
  • Christopher Roper, 7th Baron Teynham (d. 1699)


8th Baron Teynham 

  • Henry Roper, 8th Baron Teynham (c. 1676–1723), married, as his second wife, Anne Barrett-Lennard, 16th Baroness Dacre.
  • Philip Roper, 9th Baron Teynham (1707–1727)
  • Henry Roper, 10th Baron Teynham(c. 1708–1781)
  • Henry Roper, 11th Baron Teynham (1734–1786)
  • Henry Roper, 12th Baron Teynham (1764–1800)
  • John Roper, 13th Baron Teynham (1767–1824)


14th Baron Teynham onwards

  • Henry Francis Roper-Curzon, 14th Baron Teynham (1767–1842) assumed in 1788 by Royal license the surname of Curzon in lieu of his patronymic under the terms of his cousin’s will but in 1813 he resumed by Royal license his original surname of Roper in addition to that of Curzon.
  • Henry Roper-Curzon, 15th Baron Teynham (1789–1842)
  • George Henry Roper-Curzon, 16th Baron Teynham (1798–1889)
  • Henry George Roper-Curzon, 17th Baron Teynham (1822–1892)
  • Henry John Philip Sidney Roper-Curzon, 18th Baron Teynham (1867–1936)
  • Christopher John Henry Roper-Curzon, 19th Baron Teynham (1896–1972)
  • John Christopher Ingham Roper-Curzon, 20th Baron Teynham (b. 1928)

Barons Dacre in the Peerage of England (1321, from 1786 to 1819)


16th Baroness Dacre

  • Anne Lennard, 16th Baroness Dacre (1684–1755) (abeyance terminated 1741), married three times, firstly to Richard Barrett (1682-1716) (descended from a younger son of 13th Baron Dacre who changed his name to Barrett under the terms of the will of his 2nd cousin, once removed, Sir Edward Barrett, 1st Lord Barret of Newburgh), secondly to Henry Roper, 8th Baron Teynham, and thirdly to the Hon. Robert Moore, son of Henry Moore, 3rd Earl of Drogheda.
  • Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre (1717–1786)
  • Captain The Hon. Charles Roper (1721-1754) second son of 8th Baron Teynham and 16th Baroness Dacre, married Gertrude Trevor (d. 1780) sister and coheiress of John Trevor.


18th Baron Dacre

  • Trevor Charles Roper, 18th Baron Dacre (1745–1794)


19th Baroness Dacre


Thomas Brand Esq

  • Gertrude Brand nee Roper, 19th Baroness Dacre (1750–1819) Married  Thomas Brand Esq. of The Hoo (d. 1794)

Baron Dacre of Glanton in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (Life Peer) (1979-2003)


Baron Dacre of Glanton

  • Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, Baron Dacre of Glanton (1914-2003), descended from Anne Lennard, 16th Baroness Dacre (1684–1755) and Henry Roper, 8th Baron Teynham, the youngest son from this marriage, Reverend Hon. Richard Henry Roper, was his great-great-great-grandfather.