House of Tichborne

Tichborne of Tichborne in the Baronetage of England (1621–1968)


1st Baronet

  • Sir Benjamin Tichborne, 1st Baronet (c.1540 –1629) This crest is said to pertain by right to the eldest son, and has been so borne from the reign of Edward III.


Tichborne of Tichborne

  • Sir Richard Tichborne, 2nd Baronet (c.1578 –1652)
  • Sir Henry Tichborne, 3rd Baronet (c.1623 –1689)
  • Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 4th Baronet (d. 1743)
  • Sir John Hermengild Tichborne, 5th Baronet (d. 1748)
  • Sir Henry Tichborne, 6th Baronet (1710 –1785)
  • Sir Henry Tichborne, 7th Baronet (1756 –1821)
  • Sir Henry Tichborne, 8th Baronet (1779 –1845)


9th Baronet

  • Sir Edward Doughty, 9th Baronet (1782 –1853) in order to succeed to the estates of Miss Elizabeth Doughty, of Snarford, Lincs, he took the name and arms of Doughty.


Doughty-Tichborne of Tichborne

  • Sir James Francis Doughty-Tichborne, 10th Baronet (1784 – 1862)
  • Sir Alfred Joseph Doughty-Tichborne, 11th Baronet (1839 –1866)
  • Sir Henry Alfred Joseph Doughty-Tichborne, 12th Baronet (1866 –1910)
  • Sir Joseph Henry Bernard Doughty-Tichborne, 13th Baronet (1890 – 1930)
  • Sir Anthony Joseph Henry Doughty Doughty-Tichborne, 14th Baronet (1914 –1968)

Tichborne of Beaulieu in the Baronetage of England (1697–1731)

Baron Ferrard in the Peerage of Ireland (1715–1731)


Baron Ferrard

  • Henry Tichborne, 1st Baron Ferrard, 1st Baronet (1663 – 1731) son of Sir William Tichborne of Beaulieu, son of the statesman and general Sir Henry Tichborne, younger son of Sir Benjamin Tichborne, 1st Baronet.