Bourbon Spain


Kingdom of Spain

House of Bourbon
1700-1808, 1813-1868, 1875-1931,1975-present

  • Philip V, (1683-1746 ), born Philippe de France, Fils de France and Duc d'Anjou, King of Spain from 1700 to 1724 and 1724 to 1746.


Philippe de France, Fils de France and Duc d'Anjou


Arms of the King 1700 to 1759

Sons of Philip V:

  • Charles III, (-1788), 1759–88 (as Carlos III), King of Naples and Sicily 1735–59 (as Carlo VII and Carlo V), and Duke of Parma 1732–35 (as Carlo I). Founder of the in 1771.
  • Infante Philip of Spain, (-1765), Duke of Parma, Plasencia and Guastalla from 1748. He founded the house of Bourbon-Parma.
  • Infante Luis Antonio Jaime of Spain,(1727-1785), known as the Cardinal-Infante, Infante of Spain, Archbishop of Toledo and and 13th Conde de Chinchón. Son of Philip V.


Arms of the King 1759 to 1931


Infante Philip of Spain, (1720-1765)


Infante Luis Antonio Jaime of Spain,(1727-1785)

Carlist Line:

  • The Infante Carlos of Spain ( 1788- 1855), Count of Molina, the second surviving son of King Charles IV of Spain . As Carlos V he was the first of the Carlist claimants to the throne of Spain.
  • Don Juan Carlos Maria Isidro de Borbón, Count of Montizón, ( 1822- 1887), Count of Montizón, , the Carlist claimant to the throne of Spain from 1860 to 1868, and the Legitimist claimant to the throne of France from 1883 to 1887. Son of the Count of Molina.

The Carlist line extinct in 1936.


The Infante Carlos of Spain (1788-1855),


Arms of the French Pretender

  • Alfonso XIII, (1886- 1941), King of Spain from birth to 1931.

Alfonso XIII, (1886- 1941) from 1931

  • Juan Carlos I (born 1938), the reigning King of Spain.

Juan Carlos I