House of Greville

House of Greville


Barons Brooke of Beauchamps Court (1621)
Earls Brooke (1746)
Earls of Warwick (1759)

  • Fulke Greville, (1554–1628) 1st Baron Brooke, de jure 13th Baron Latimer and 5th Baron Willoughby de Broke. The barony of Brooke was created with remainder to his second cousin (once removed), and adopted son, Robert Greville, the grandson of Robert Greville, younger son of Sir Fulke Greville (d. 1569) and Elizabeth, 3rd Baroness Willoughby de Broke and ancestor of Earls Brooke and Earls of Warwick.
  • Robert Greville, (1607–1643) 2nd Baron Brooke
  • Francis Greville, (d. 1658) 3rd Baron Brooke
  • Robert Greville, (c. 1638–1677) 4th Baron Brooke
  • Fulke Greville, (1643–1710) 5th Baron Brooke
  • Fulke Greville, (1693–1711) 6th Baron Brooke
  • William Greville, (1695–1727) 7th Baron Brooke
  • Francis Greville, (1719–1773) 1st Earl of Warwick, 1st Earl Brooke , 8th Baron Brooke
  • George Greville, (1746–1816) 2nd Earl of Warwick, 2nd Earl Brooke
  • Henry Richard Greville, (1779–1853) 3rd Earl of Warwick, 3rd Earl Brooke
  • George Guy Greville, (1818–1893) 4th Earl of Warwick, 4th Earl Brooke
  • Francis Richard Charles Greville, (1853–1924) 5th Earl of Warwick, 5th Earl Brooke
  • Leopold Guy Francis Maynard Greville, (1882–1928) 6th Earl of Warwick, 6th Earl Brooke
  • Charles Guy Fulke Greville, (1911–1984) 7th Earl of Warwick, 7th Earl Brooke
  • David Robin Francis Guy Greville, Brooke (1934–1996) 8th Earl of Warwick, 8th Earl Brooke
  • Guy David Greville, (b. 1957) 9th Earl of Warwick, 9th Earl Brooke

Barons Greville (1869-1987)

  • Fulke Southwell Greville-Nugent, (1821–1883) 1st Baron Greville, descendant of Fulke Greville, 5th Baron Brooke.
  • Algernon William Fulke Greville, (1841–1909) 2nd Baron Greville.
  • Charles Beresford Fulke Greville, (1871–1952) 3rd Baron Greville.
  • Ronald Charles Fulke Greville, (1912–1987) 4th Baron Greville.