House of Verney

House of Verney


Sir Ralph Verney, 1st Baronet

Verney of Middle Claydon n the Baronetage of England (1661-1791)

Viscounts Fermanagh in the Peerage of Ireland (1703-1791)

Earls Verney in the Peerage of Ireland (1742-1791)


  • Sir Ralph Verney, 1st Baronet (1613–1696)
  • Sir John Verney, 1st Viscount Fermanagh and Baron Verney of Belturbet, 2nd Baronet (1640–1717)
  • Ralph Verney, 1st Earl Verney, 2nd Viscount Fermanagh (1683–1752)
  • Ralph Verney, 2nd Earl Verney (1714–1791)

Baroness Fermanagh in the Peerage of Ireland (1792-1810)

  • Mary Verney, 1st Baroness Fermanagh (1737–1810) daughter of Hon. John Verney, second son of 1st Earl Verney.

Verney of Claydon House in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom (1818)

  • Sir Harry Calvert, 1st Baronet (d. 1826)
  • Sir Harry Verney, 2nd Baronet (1801–1894) He assumed in 1827 the surname of Verney, having succeeded to the Verney estates through his cousin Richard Calvert, who married Mary (née Nicholson), the widow of the Hon. John Verney, eldest son of Ralph Verney, 1st Earl Verney.
  • Sir Edmund Hope Verney, 3rd Baronet (1838–1910)
  • Sir Harry Calvert Williams Verney, 4th Baronet (1881–1974)
  • Sir Ralph Bruce Verney, 5th Baronet (1915-2001)
  • Sir Edmund Ralph Verney, 6th Baronet (b. 1950)

Verney of Eaton Square in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom (1946)

  • Sir Ralph Verney (1879–1959) grandson of Sir Harry Verney of Claydon House, 2nd Baronet.
  • Sir John Verney, 2nd Baronet (1913–1993)
  • Sir John Sebastian Verney, 3rd Baronet (b. 1945)

Barons Braye in the Peerage of England (1529)

  • Edmund Braye, 1st Baron Braye (d. 1539)
  • John Braye, 2nd Baron Braye (d. 1557) (abeyant 1557) On his death the Barony of Bray(e) fell into abeyance between his six sisters: Hon Anne Brooke, Lady Cobham;  Hon Elizabeth Verney, Lady Verney;  Hon Frideswide Hart, Lady Hart;  Hon Mary Peckham, Lady Peckham;  Hon Dorothy Chandos, Lady Chandos; and Hon Frances Lyfield.  Almost 282 years later in 1839 the abeyance was terminated in favour of:
  • Sarah Cave later Otway-Cave, 3rd Baroness Braye (1768–1862) (abeyance terminated 1839; abeyant 1862) only daughter of Sir Thomas Cave, 6th Baronet, of Stanford, grandson of Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Baronet, of Stanford, and his wife the Hon. Margaret Verney, daughter of John Verney, 1st Viscount Fermanagh, great-great-grandson of Hon. Elizabeth Verney, second daughter of the first Baron Braye, and her husband Sir Ralph Verney. Married Henry Otway, of Castle Otway (d. 1815).
  • Henrietta Otway later Otway-Cave, 4th Baroness Braye (1809–1879) (abeyance terminated 1879) Married Edgell Wyatt-Edgell (1801–1888).
  • Alfred Verney-Cave, 5th Baron Braye (1849–1928) He took the name of Verney-Cave in lieu of that of Wyatt-Edgell by Royal Licence in 1880.
  • Adrian Verney-Cave, 6th Baron Braye (1874–1952)
  • Thomas Adrian Verney-Cave, 7th Baron Braye (1902–1985)
  • Mary Penelope Verney-Cave later Aubrey-Fletcher, 8th Baroness Braye (b. 1941)

Cave, later Cave-Browne, later Cave-Browne-Cave of Stanford in the Baronetage of England (1641)

  • Sir Thomas Cave, 1st Baronet (c. 1622–c.1671)
  • Sir Roger Cave, 2nd Baronet (1655–1703)
  • Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Baronet (1681–1719) married the Hon. Margaret, daughter of John Verney, 1st Viscount Fermanagh.
  • Sir Verney Cave, 4th Baronet (1705–1734)
  • Sir Thomas Cave, 5th Baronet (1712–1778)
  • Sir Thomas Cave, 6th Baronet (1737–1780) father of Sarah Cave later Otway-Cave, 3rd Baroness Braye (1768–1862). See above
  • Sir Thomas Cave, 7th Baronet (1766–1792)
  • Sir Charles Cave, 8th Baronet (c. 1747–1810)
  • Sir William Cave-Browne-Cave, 9th Baronet (1765–1838)
  • Sir John Robert Cave-Browne-Cave, 10th Baronet (1798–1855)
  • Sir Mylles Cave-Browne-Cave, 11th Baronet (1822–1907)
  • Sir Genille Cave-Browne-Cave, 12th Baronet (1869–1929) [8]
  • Sir Reginald Ambrose Cave-Browne-Cave, 13th Baronet (1860–1930)
  • Sir Rowland Henry Cave-Browne-Cave, 14th Baronet (1865–1943)
  • Sir Clement Charles Cave-Browne-Cave, 15th Baronet (1896–1945)
  • Sir Robert Cave-Browne-Cave, 16th Baronet (1929–2011)
  • Sir John Robert Charles Cave-Browne-Cave, 17th Baronet (b. 1957)