House of Savile

Savile Baronets, of Thornhill (1611 to 1784)
Viscounts Halifax (1668 to 1700)
Earls of Halifax (1679 to 1700)
Marquesses of Halifax (1682 to 1700)


Savile of Thornhill

  • Sir George Savile, 1st Baronet (c. 1550–1622)
  • Sir George Savile, 2nd Baronet (c. 1611–1626)
  • Sir William Savile, 3rd Baronet (c. 1612–1644)


Marquesses of Halifax

  • Sir George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax, 1st Earl of Halifax, 1st Viscount Halifax and Baron Savile of Elland,4th Baronet (1633–1695)
  • William Savile, 2nd Marquess of Halifax (1665–1700)
  • Sir John Savile, 6th Baronet (1651–c. 1704)
  • Sir George Savile, 7th Baronet (1678–1743)
  • Sir George Savile, 8th Baronet (1726–1784)

Barons Savile (1888)


Barons Savile

  • John Savile, 1st Baron Savile, natural son of John Lumley-Savile, 8th Earl of Scarbrough (1818–1896)
  • John Savile Lumley-Savile, 2nd Baron Savile (1853–1931), nephew of above.
  • George Halifax Lumley-Savile, 3rd Baron Savile (1919–2008)
  • John Anthony Thornhill Lumley-Savile, 4th Baron Savile (b. 1947)

Savile Baronets, of Metheley (1611-1632)


Savile  of Metheley

  • Sir Henry Savile, 1st Baronet (1579–1632)

Savile Baronets, of Copley (1662-1689)


Savile of Copley

  • Sir John Savile, 1st Baronet , senior branch of the Saviles of Metheley (c 1640–1689)

Baron Pollington, in the Peerage of Ireland (1753)
Earls of Mexborough, in the Peerage of Ireland (1766)


Earls of Mexborough

  • John Savile, 1st Earl of Mexborough and Viscount Pollington, 1st Baron Pollington descended from the brother of Sir Henry Savile of Metheley (1719–1778)
  • John Savile, 2nd Earl of Mexborough (1761–1830)
  • John Savile, 3rd Earl of Mexborough (1783–1860)
  • John Charles George Savile, 4th Earl of Mexborough (1810–1899)
  • John Horace Savile, 5th Earl of Mexborough (1843–1916)
  • John Henry Savile, 6th Earl of Mexborough (1868–1945)
  • John Raphael Wentworth Savile, 7th Earl of Mexborough (1906–1980)
  • John Christopher George Savile, 8th Earl of Mexborough (b. 1931)

Baron Savile of Pontefract, in the Peerage of England (1628-1671)
Viscount Savile , in the Peerage of Ireland (1628-1671)
Earls of Sussex, in the Peerage of England (1644-1671)


Earls of Sussex

  • John Savile, 1st Baron Savile of Pontefract, son of Sir Robert Savile of Barkston, himself illegitimate son of Sir Henry Savile of Thornhill (1556–1630)
  • Thomas Savile, 1st Earl of Sussex, 1st Viscount Savile and Baron Castlebar, 2nd Baron Savile of Pontefract (1590–1659)
  • James Savile, 2nd Earl of Sussex (1647–1671)