House of Stopford

House of Stopford

Baron Courtown, in the Peerage of Ireland (1758)
Earls of Courtown, in the Peerage of Ireland (1762)
Baron Salterford (1796)

  • James Stopford, 1st Earl of Courtown, Viscount Stopford, 1st Baron Courtown (1700–1770)
  • James Stopford, 2nd Earl of Courtown, 1st Baron Salterford KP (1731–1810)
  • James George Stopford, 3rd Earl of Courtown KP (1765–1835)
  • James Thomas Stopford, 4th Earl of Courtown (1794–1858)
  • James George Henry Stopford, 5th Earl of Courtown (1823–1914)
  • James Walter Milles Stopford, 6th Earl of Courtown (1853–1933)
  • James Richard Neville Stopford, 7th Earl of Courtown (1877–1957)
  • James Montagu Burgoyne Stopford, 8th Earl of Courtown (1908–1975)
  • James Patrick Montagu Burgoyne Winthrop Stopford, 9th Earl of Courtown (b. 1954)

Stopford Sackville of Drayton

  • William Bruce Stopford Sackville (1806-1872), grandson of married Caroline Harriet Sackville (d.1908), daughter of Hon. George Sackville (1770-1836), second son of George Germain, 1st Viscount Sackville (1716–1785). They inherited the Drayton estate in 1843 on the death of her uncle Charles Sackville-Germain, 5th Duke of Dorset and changed the name to Sackville in 1870.