House of Churchill and Spencer

House of Churchill and Spencer


John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough

  • John Churchill of Muston, Dorset (b. c. 1596)
  • Sir Winston Churchill of Minterne Magna, Dorset (1620–1688). In recognition of the first Sir Winston's services to King Charles I as Captain of the Horse, and his loyalty to King Charles II as a Member of Parliament he was awarded an augmentation of honour to his arms in 1662. His rare mark of royal favour took the form of a canton of St. George.

Sir Winston’s children were:

  • Arabella Churchill ( 1648–1730), mistress of King James II and ancestress of the Dukes of Berwick, Alba and Fizjames.
  • John Churchill, (1650–1722) 1st Duke of Marlborough
  • George Churchill (1654–1710), Admiral of the Blue
  • Charles Churchill (1656–1714), Lieutenant-General in the Army

Lord Churchill of Eyemouth in the Peerage of Scotland (1682-1722)
Baron Churchill of Sandridge (1685-1722)
Earl of Marlborough (1689-1722)
Dukes of Marlborough (1702)
Prince of the Holy Roman Empire (1704-1722)
Prince of Mindelheim (1705-1714)

The Dukedom of Marlborough is the only dukedom in the United Kingdom that can still pass in the female line. The succession for the Dukedom is as follows:

  1. The heirs-male of the 1st Duke's body lawfully begotten;
  2. his eldest daughter and the heirs-male of her body lawfully begotten;
  3. his second and other daughters, in seniority, and the heirs-male of their bodies lawfully begotten;
  4. his eldest daughter's oldest daughter and the heirs male of her body lawfully begotten;
  5. all other daughters of his daughters and the heirs male of their bodies;
  6. and other descendants into the future in like fashion, with the intent that the Marlborough title never become extinct.

*Most of the families descended from these daughters quarter or quartered Churchill to show their claim to the dukedom, hence the arms of the extant Dukes of Buccleuch through the Montagus and extinct Dukes of Leeds through the Godolphins. In the unlikely event that the male line of the Spencers fails the dukedom would pass to the Villiers Earls of Jersey.

John Churchill, (1650 – 1722) 1st
Duke of Marlborough, Marquess of Blandford, 1st Earl of Marlborough, 1st Lord Churchill of Eyemouth, 1st Baron Churchill of Sandridge, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and Prince of Mindelheim KG.

Four surviving daughters:

1.Lady Henrietta Churchill, (1681–1733) 2nd Duchess of Marlborough
, Countess of Godolphin.


  • William Godolphin, (1700–1731) Marquess of Blandford
  • Lady Mary Godolphin (1723–1764), married Thomas Osborne, 4th Duke of Leeds.

2.Lady Anne Churchill ( 1683–1716), Countess of Sunderland.

  • Robert Spencer, (1701-1729) 4th Earl of Sunderland.
  • Lady Anne Spencer ( 1702-1769). Married William Bateman, 1st Viscount Bateman, (descendants extinct).
  • Charles Spencer, (1706 - 1758) 3rd Duke of Marlborough see below.
  • Hon. John Spencer ( 1708-1746). Father of John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer see below.
  • Lady Diana Spencer ( 1710-1735). Married John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford, (descendants extinct).

3.Lady Elizabeth Churchill (1687-1714), Countess of Bridgewater.

  • Anne Egerton (d. 1762/1763). Married first Wriothesley Russell, 3rd Duke of Bedford (no issue) and secondly William Villiers, 3rd Earl of Jersey (issue - Earls of Jersey).

4.Lady Mary Churchill (1689-1751), Duchess of Montagu.

  • Mary Montagu (1711 - 1775). Married George Brudenell, 4th Earl of Cardigan and 1st Duke of Montagu (issue - Dukes of Buccleuch).
  • Isabella Montagu, Countess of Beaulieu (d. 1786). Married first William Montagu, 2nd Duke of Manchester and secondly Edward Hussey-Montagu, 1st Earl of Beaulieu (no issue).

Barons Spencer of Wormleighton (1603)
Earls of Sunderland (1643)
Dukes of Marlborough (from 1733)

  • Robert Spencer, (1570–1627) 1st Baron Spencer of Wormleighton, son of Sir John Spencer of Althorp.
  • William Spencer, (1592–1636) 2nd Baron Spencer of Wormleighton.
  • Henry Spencer, (1620–1643) 1st Earl of Sunderland, 3rd Baron Spencer of Wormleighton.
  • Robert Spencer, (1640–1702) 2nd Earl of Sunderland KG.
  • Charles Spencer, (1675–1722) 3rd Earl of Sunderland KG.
  • Robert Spencer, (1701–1729) 4th Earl of Sunderland.
  • Charles Spencer, (1706–1758) 3rd Duke of Marlborough, 5th Earl of Sunderland KG.
  • George Spencer, (1739–1817) 4th Duke of Marlborough KG.
  • George Spencer-Churchill, (1766–1840) 5th Duke of Marlborough. He was authorised in 1817 to take and use the additional name of Churchill and at the same time he was empowered by Royal Licence to quarter the arms of Churchill with his paternal coat of Spencer.
  • George Spencer-Churchill, (1793–1857) 6th Duke of Marlborough.
  • John Winston Spencer-Churchill, (1822–1883) 7th Duke of Marlborough KG.
  • George Charles Spencer-Churchill, (1844–1892) 8th Duke of Marlborough.
  • Charles Richard Spencer-Churchill, (1871–1934) 9th Duke of Marlborough KG.
  • John Albert William Spencer-Churchill, (1897–1972) 10th Duke of Marlborough.
  • John George Vanderbilt Spencer-Churchill, (1926–2014) 11th Duke of Marlborough.
  • Charles James Spencer-Churchill, (b. 1955) 12th Duke of Marlborough
  • Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874-1965) KG, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Son of Lord Randolph Churchill, the second surviving son of John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough.

Barons Churchill (1815)
Viscounts Churchill (1902)

  • Francis Almeric Spencer, (1779–1845) 1st Baron Churchill, second son of the 4th Duke of Marlborough.
  • Francis George Spencer, (1802–1886) 2nd Baron Churchill
  • Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer, (1864–1934) 1st Viscount Churchill, 3rd Baron Churchill.
  • Victor Alexander Spencer, (1890–1973) 2nd Viscount Churchill.
  • Victor George Spencer, (b. 1934) 3rd Viscount Churchill.

Viscounts Spencer (1761)
Earls Spencer (1765)
Viscount Althorp (1905)

  • John Spencer, (1734–1783) 1st Earl Spencer, 1st Viscount Spencer, Baron Spencer of Althorp. Son of John Spencer (1708-1746) and grandson of Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland.
  • George John Spencer, (1758–1834) 2nd Earl Spencer KG.
  • John Charles Spencer, (1782–1845) 3rd Earl Spencer.
  • Frederick Spencer, (1798–1857) 4th Earl Spencer KG.
  • John Poyntz Spencer, (1835–1910) 5th Earl Spencer KG.
  • Charles Robert Spencer, (1857–1922) 6th Earl Spencer, 1st Viscount Althorp KG.
  • Albert Edward John Spencer, (1892–1975) 7th Earl Spencer.
  • Edward John Spencer, (1924–1992) 8th Earl Spencer.
  • Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, (b. 1964) 9th Earl Spencer.
  • Lady Diana Spencer (1961-1997), daughter of 8th Earl Spencer, married Charles, Prince of Wales.

Spencer of Yarnton (1611-1741)

  • Sir Thomas Spencer, (1585-1622) 1st Baronet, son of Sir William Spencer, the third son of Sir John Spencer of Althorp
  • Sir William Spencer, (1608-1647) 2nd Baronet
  • Sir Thomas Spencer, (1639-1685) 3rd Baronet
  • Sir Thomas Spencer, (d 1722) 4th Baronet
  • Sir Henry Spencer, (d 1726) 5th Baronet
  • Sir William Spencer, (d 1735) 6th Baronet
  • Sir Charles Spencer, (d 1741) 7th Baronet

Spencer of Offley (1627-1633)
Spencer of Offley (1642-1712)

  • Sir John Spencer, (d 1633) 1st Baronet, the son of Sir Richard Spencer, the fourth son of Sir John Spencer of Althorp.
  • Sir Brocket Spencer, (1605-1668) 1st Baronet, brother of Sir John Spencer, (d 1633) 1st Baronet.
  • Sir Richard Spencer, (1647-1688) 2nd Baronet
  • Sir John Spencer, (1678-1699) 3rd Baronet
  • Sir John Spencer, (1650-1712) 4th Baronet